Daily Archives: March 26, 2011

I wrote this in about 5 minutes one evening. A dear friend, who I had been chatting with just about every evening, announced that she would be cutting her time online back; for all sorts of reasons, none of which I could change. We were both crying, having become somewhat co-dependent it was a wrench… Read the rest »

It isn’t a massive crowd,but big enough.Sitting at what was the edge,in the shade,hands stepped on.A bicycle rode over my foot,and a lady with a pram,but at least she said ‘watch your hand’. Perhaps i should stand?Better to stay small,so i hug my knees, and look at the grass.It’s fresh and long,and very green.Smells like… Read the rest »

It has been a long time since I have kept a journal of any kind–but it feels right to start again now. I have always loved words, and word crafting; but until recently my career kept me occupied and took all of my energy and creativity. Illness has forced me to rethink work life balance,… Read the rest »