40 Reasons Why I Write Challenge

I often read the Positive Writer blog by Bryan Hutchinson – a recent one got me thinking. Bryan listed 40 reasons why he chooses to write, and challenged his readers to do the same. I’m not sure I can come up with 40 reasons! But the Positive Writer blog is all about positivity – so let’s jump right in and give it a go 🙂

  1. I write because I love to readwhy i write
  2. Creating stories that are meaningful and give joy to other people is a delight
  3. Hearing from readers, a single reader, that they have found pleasure in my words gives me a smile that lasts for days
  4. I enjoy playing with words to paint the thoughts and scenes I see so clearly in my head
  5. I write because it’s challenging, it’s hard and uplifting at the same time
  6. I love researching new things
  7. Even when I get lost in research when I should be writing, I always get back to the writing eventually
  8. Writing lets me explore thoughts and ideas that are important to me
  9. Writing lets me discover new things
  10. I write to express emotions that are hard to talk about
  11. Getting a poem just right makes me feel like a modern day William Wordsworth
  12. I write because I can
  13. Writing lets me get out of the house, even when I’m stuck in the house
  14. I love the look on someone’s face when I tell them I’m a writerwhy I write
  15. Words are important, even fiction – especially fiction – can make a difference
  16. Most people think it’s cool to be a writer
  17. Writers are a great bunch of people to hang around with
  18. I write to remember
  19. Sometimes when I’m writing, long forgotten memories and emotions fly at me
  20. Words are powerful
  21. I wrote my first poem at age 7, I thought I’d burst with pride when my teacher asked me to read it out to the class
  22. I’ve used words, in one way or another for most of my career – even a short stint at technical writing once (not something I’m planning on returning to anytime soon!)
  23. Writing is my main creative outlet – paper crafting is the other
  24. I write because I have so many ideas, so many stories to tell
  25. Editing can be as much fun as writing, more fun sometimes
  26. Editing is when the story I tried to tell in my first draft starts to take shape
  27. I admire people who write so beautifully I have to read the same line, the same paragraph, over and over because I don’t want to let it go
  28. I aspire to writing words that wriggle their way into people’s heartswhy I write
  29. I love it when someone tells me I make them giggle, or I make them cry – honestly I prefer the giggling to the crying, but any emotional response is a good thing!
  30. I love it when my own writing gives me a shiverwhy I write
  31.  I’m not sure about muses… but I’ve always thought that my subconscious throwing out plot hole resolutions at 3 AM is a grand thing
  32. Writing and editing (especially editing) are good excuses for eating chocolate
  33. Living in the worlds I create is sometimes more fun than living in the real world
  34. Writing gives me a purpose
  35. Writing is a good excuse for drinking coffee
  36. I can’t believe I’ve got to 34 reasons… I should check for duplicates
  37. Sometimes a reader tells me what they’ve taken away from my stories, and I want to give them a high five for clarifying back to me what I was trying to say
  38. I can write anywhere, anytime
  39. Writing as a career, is entirely my own hands
  40. I write because – in spite of the challenges, in spite of the sleepless nights – nothing else gives me the same high

Phew! 40 reasons why I write! I can actually think of more now that I’m writing non-fiction as well as fiction 😀

I’d love to hear your reasons for writing 🙂 If you’d like to participate in this challenge, you can read Bryan’s challenge kick-off and his list of 40 reasons here!

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Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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