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Sebastian 2: Dark Times ArisingSebastian 2: Dark Times Arising by Elizabeth Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising is the second book in this series about Sebastian. A centuries-old vampire who abstains from killing humans. He is desperately in love with Hannah, a human with extraordinary powers. But after loving him passionately, she has rejected him due to his involvement in the death of her mother.

This is a rather dark story of lost love, betrayal and vengeance.

Apart from Hannah, humans are little more than stage props. The backdrop to the story focuses on powerful vampires and their attendant witches, and their efforts over centuries to rule the vampire world.

The multifaceted story itself holds interest, and the characters of Sebastian and Hannah are appealing. However the execution of the story is as tortured as the lives of Sebastian and Hannah.

The pace is good, and the structure suspenseful. However, the story is told (rather than shown) in a detached way that makes it hard to really connect with the characters. The dialogue is often more like a monologue, rather than a crisp exchange. The introspection means that we really understand what’s going on in our character’s heads. But it is repetitive and often chunky. Huge amounts of back story are also delivered in chunks that stop the story dead.

Errors such as incorrect tense, incorrect pluralization, head swapping (so it’s sometimes difficult to know which character is speaking), detract from an otherwise polished presentation.

I really admire the grandeur of the series story and the fleshed out main characters so I’m giving this book 3 stars in spite of its issues.

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