Book Review Request Guidelines

This is a summary of my book review request guidelines. You can read more detail in the blog post here, and submit a review request here.

I’m looking for new, talented, speculative fiction indie authors to feature on my blog in an occasional book review category. I want to recommend new and upcoming authors to my mailing list and to my social networks. Because it will be a personal recommendation from me, I will only accept books that meet most, preferably all my review guidelines:

Within one of the speculative genres

I prefer speculative sub-genre’s such as urban fantasy, mystery’s around ghosts, dystopian, steam punk, non-technical sci-fi. But I will look at anything in the broad speculative genre that meets the remaining requirements listed below.

Professional cover, editing and formatting

This is essential. I only want to recommend high quality books that I’ve enjoyed.

Published in the last 24 months

I’m prepared to permit some fluidity here if the rest of the requirements are met.

Currently available on and NOT free

There are just too many free books out there. I don’t want to be inundated with requests, or join the plethora of book bloggers who already tout free, free, free.

At least 5 reviews with at least 3.5

A quality author platform with active social media networks

I’d like to see a professional looking website with some recent activity (blogging not essential); and some evidence that you communicate with readers via twitter, FB, Instagram or whatever your favorites are


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