Book Review – Twisted Intentions by Angelique S Anderson

Twisted IntentionsTwisted Intentions by Angelique S. Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twisted Intentions is fairly short, quick and easy to read. It’s set in our world, but god-like creatures seem to interfere with everyday living for normal humans. The story itself is interesting, and it provides a thought provoking take on what bullying feels like for a lonely teenager at high school.

While the story is interesting, and the main character is well drawn, I found the secondary characters shallow and several plot holes dragged my attention away from the story. For example the god-like creatures are not explained at all. They just exist, and seem to act – with almost unlimited magical powers – for no particular reason.

Another thing that struck me as shallow, was the action surrounding several deaths. Many of the adults in the story are either missing or behave in peculiar ways that are neither explained nor fleshed out.

The book would benefit from a proof read. In summary, it’s an interesting premise, and the author shows promise with her creativity.

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