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White Serpent, Black Dragon by Joe Jackson My rating: 3 of 5 stars White Serpent, Black Dragon by Joe Jackson is an epic fantasy novel with an almost overwhelming cast of characters, human, other races, demons and gods. The acknowledgements mention that the world of the story is based on the world of Advanced Demons… Read the rest »

The Midnight Land: Part One: The Flight by E.P. Clark My rating: 3 of 5 stars The Midnight Land by EP Clark is a long, slow paced book. It follows the physical and emotional journey of Slava in a Russian inspired setting which is beautifully rendered by the author. In summary, I found the premise… Read the rest »

Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising by Elizabeth Johnson My rating: 3 of 5 stars Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising is the second book in this series about Sebastian. A centuries-old vampire who abstains from killing humans. He is desperately in love with Hannah, a human with extraordinary powers. But after loving him passionately, she has… Read the rest »

As promised … here is the first, of what I hope will be a number, of short reviews of books I think my readers will find interesting. The first book review is Bridgefinders by Joshua C. Cook. Like me, Joshua is fairly new to the writer scene, but he already has a few books out.… Read the rest »

Yes it really is quite easy, and quick, to write a great book review for your favorite authors! I always love to hear from people who have enjoyed my books. But when I ask if they’ve left a review, a surprising number shudder, or shake their heads. It’s all too daunting, too time-consuming, and does… Read the rest »

A paranormal A-Z wouldn’t be complete without a V for vampire section  🙂 I don’t write about vampires. I’m not sure why, because in the past I’ve read vampire books voraciously, and fallen in love with any number of impossibly gorgeous vampire hero’s. There are already a number of best vampire book lists around, but… Read the rest »

I’m super pleased to have Pamela Cook, a fabulous writer of rural romance on my blog today. I’m going to let Pamela tell you all about why she writes rural romance, but first … I’m dedicating this post to my wonderful sister Jenny. You have read about Jenny, her farm and her pet pig here before.… Read the rest »

I’m delighted today, to invite Satima Flavell to guest post on my blog. Satima writes fantasy like me, but her muse leads her to high fantasy. A genre full of magical creatures and settings in a totally made up world. Let’s hear what inspires Satima! Many thanks to Kim for inviting me to write a… Read the rest »

I’m happy dancing and beaming … My debut novel Path Unchosen has won a bronze in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards!! Reader feedback is the best gift, but winning a prestigous award comes a very close second 🙂 It couldn’t have come at a better time as I launch into the final edits for… Read the rest »

I haven’t been reading a lot lately as I’ve had my head barely buried in my own writing. I met the lovely Chele Cooke through the Alliance of Independent Authors and discovered that we would both be publishing our debut novels at around the same time. I promised to read and review Chele’s novel ‘Dead… Read the rest »