Dead Certain

Dead Certain

She thought they were safe. But the undead aren't the only enemy...

Meagan Greystone struggles with the dark arts. A major problem for a necromancer.
Her boyfriend Glynn Buckley has answered a plea for help, and dashed to the militarised city of Brimbank. More than a little annoying as Meagan was planning a perfect celebration weekend for their anniversary.
Annoyance fades when Meagan hears rumours of an uprising, she is determined to be by his side. She has the skills. She can help.
But this is no ordinary undead uprising. Something else is going on in the old city and Glynn is determined to have her safe at home.
He is no match for the tough and resolute Meagan. She's lost too many people she’s loved. No way will Glynn be next.

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