Clap your hands if you believe in fairies!

How many of us watched Tinker bell almost die and clapped furiously along with the children in the movie in the wonderful story Peter Pan?

I did!

Somewhere along the journey to adulthood many of us lose the ability to just believe. But if we are very lucky, we find it again.


This is a visitor’s picture (CC license) from Trentham Gardens dandelion & fairy installation which is at Stoke-on-Trent in Great Britain.

The work is by local artists Robin and Amy Wight.

The Gardens installed giant dandelions to join its fairy sculptures – which became an online sensation thanks to a visitor’s photograph that received a million hits in one week!

If online hits are the equivalent of historical claps … then the fairies are in safe hands 😀

One of my friends (though they want to remain anonymous) wrote this lovely poem a few days ago. Partly inspired by the giant dandelions and fairies at the gardens …

I walked through the browns,
The emerald, yellows and greens,
Past trunk and branch and sprouting twig,
Amidst a warming blanket of leaves.
Enjoying the quiet music in the birdsong,
Accompanied by whispering wind through leaves,
As I stepped with no clear destination,
Away from life and people, just free.
My eyes caught the barest glimpse,
And my heart, it stopped with a lurch,
Where a golden sunbeam cut through the leaves,
An impossible creature was perched.
A tiny being intensely sparkled,
With long hair and translucent wings,
Hung upside down with her knees round a branch,
In the wind she gently swings.

I’m scared to talk or even breathe,
Lest I scare this vision away,
As she hung with wings towards me,

She giggled softly and she sways.
Curiosity grew and I wondered,
What it was that brought such mirth,
I slowly picked through the wild hedgerow,
But my foot snapped a twig upon turf.

Her wings fluttered into action,
With a stream of colour and of stars upon the air,
She drew herself up to full height facing me,
Deep eyes and tiny features framed by colours and by hair.
She shot off like a sparking comet,
Who’s tail sparkles in the air,
And as she danced away between brush, trunk and leaf,
She giggled wildly without care.

I tried to chase as best I could,
The hypnotic dance was so fast,
I crashed through branch, brush and scrub,
But the wooden arms, they held me back.
Soon all was coloured moonbeams,
And just sparkling glittering lights,
Left behind in her magical wake,
As her figure passed from my sight.

I gasped and I rasped with ragged breath,
Brought myself to a despondent stop,
And lay down there tired in the grass,
Tired and weary as I coughed.
I lay there lost in my despair,
At the magic once more I’d somehow lost,
My strength and my speed just not enough,

To chase the dance through the forest moss.

Closing my heavy eyelids,
I was subtly taken to sleep,
But lost and alone in its darkness,
I slowly started to weep.
Injustice of knowing she was there,
But now lost to a world so far away.
I lost my soul right then and there,
In the place of fey creatures where I lay.

Tears rolled from my eyes,
A small river winding down my cheek,
That formed into a droplet and fell away,
Into the smothering darkness so deep.
It fell away from me and into the black,
Until it almost passed by the limits of sight,
Suddenly a giggle cut the darkness,

And the tear became a shimmering light.

I was raised through moonbeams and laughter,
Carried by hidden transparent wings,
Towards a world of light I rose,
As I began awakening,
Pain had passed from where it was before,
The light may never be as beautiful again,
But I was sure the return of magic into my life,
Was a light not destined to fade or end .

I won’t return where I was now,
Lost amidst all the greys and deep blacks,
I want the colours sparkling amidst a shiny trail,
I want that tiny high pitched laugh,
I want there to forever be the magic,
I happened across on that woodland trail ,
That danced with tiny grass stained muddy feet,
Inside an impossibly wondrous fairytale.



Do you like it? I want there to be magic forever too 😀 And I rather like the thought of magical fairy with grass-stained muddy feet 😀


Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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