Dead and Buryd – A Review

I haven’t been reading a lot lately as I’ve had my head barely buried in my own writing. I met the lovely Chele Cooke through the Alliance of Independent Authors and discovered that we would both be publishing our debut novels at around the same time. I promised to read and review Chele’s novel ‘Dead and Buryd’, the first in the Out Of Orbit series, and I’m glad I did!


I really enjoyed this science fiction novel. Dead and Buryd is set on an alien world where harsh hot summers follow freezing winters. Conflict between technically advanced invaders and the planet savvy locals is quickly sketched in the first chapter and then developed strategically throughout the story. Initially I struggled to work out who everyone was and where they fit in the story, but it did become clear the more I read, and I found myself immersed in an interestingly evoked world with sympathetically drawn characters.

We journey with Georgianna, a young doctor who straddles both sides with her work at the above ground Lyndbury prison, and in the claustrophobic tunnels and underground caverns of the outlawed Belsa.

Georgianna is a nice girl with a conscience. Like her Belsa lover, we know long before she does that she will take risks to save her friends! The story held my attention until the end–and what a great ending Chele gives us. One problem solved, another is ripe for book two.

Dead and Buryd is a very solid debut and a great start to a promising series. I read science fiction sporadically, either one book after another or none at all. I’m in a science fiction void at the moment so I can recommend this book to people who do not normally read science fiction. The alien elements do not detract from an interesting story well told. I am looking forward to book two in the Out of Orbit series.

chelecookeYou can find Chele on goodreads, on her own website, and you can purchase the story on Amazon. Please drop by and support Chele!

Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

3 thoughts on “Dead and Buryd – A Review”

  1. Jenny ClearyJenny Cleary

    Kimmie I trust your opinion (on pretty much everything) and since I’ve never ventured into science fiction – I’m going to give this one a shot. I remember how much Dad used to love his sci-fi novels!

  2. CheleChele

    Thank you so much for hosting my book (and me) for the Get Buryd tour! I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. It’s such a compliment that readers who choose a genre sporadically, such as yourself with Sci-Fi, can enjoy your writing and will genre hop to do so.
    I’m really looking forward to getting back into Path Unchosen when I can get my hands on an ePub copy. 😀
    Thanks again.

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