Decoupage is addictive!

I had no idea this old craft would lead to so much paper, glue, and various bits and pieces (called embellishments in the trade) covering my dining table.

One day at Chadstone Shopping Centre I noticed a new shop, a Kaisercraft Concept Store. They had some cute items to build and decorate, and racks and racks of adorable paper. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for stationary! I selected a letter rack in MDF pieces, some craft glue, and a pack of paper – I found one I liked in the half price box.

Once I started pasting the paper to the MDF pieces I couldn’t stop. Well I did stop when my hands got stiff and tired lols. One of the things I’ve had to learn is to pace myself … I pay for it in pain if I forget.

Decoupage Letter Rack March 2015
Decoupage Letter Rack March 2015

Three days later and voila! My first finished piece of very simple decoupage. I adore the little knobs on the drawers 🙂

I now know that I need to carefully glue all of the paper to the wood to avoid peeling and lifting.

It’s off to google for me … I need to learn more about this delicious craft.

Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

One thought on “Decoupage is addictive!”

  1. Robyn LouiseRobyn Louise

    My love of ‘cutting and pasting’ goes right back to childhood, and I have never tired of it really. I have stashes of papers and pictures and ‘things that might be useful one day’ all over the place….and yes they do get used eventually. Enjoy your new found love 🙂

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