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My husband is quite addicted to cycling. It’s possibly a healthy obsession (apart from the cost and recovery time from accidents 😀 ) It certainly keeps him away from home for most of the weekend. He cycles, stops for a coffee and a chat, and cycles some more. The bike is well travelled and often photographed… Read the rest »

Onto project number two! Decoupage is a wonderful distraction when I need a break from writing and / or editing. As soon as the finished letter rack sat on my kitchen bench (you can read about that project here) … I headed back to Chadstone to find another item to make and paper. By this time… Read the rest »

I had no idea this old craft would lead to so much paper, glue, and various bits and pieces (called embellishments in the trade) covering my dining table. One day at Chadstone Shopping Centre I noticed a new shop, a Kaisercraft Concept Store. They had some cute items to build and decorate, and racks and racks… Read the rest »

I’m super proud of myself! Even though the exercise is producing way more fatigue than I’m used to … I’ve now done thirty minutes of Tai Chi every morning for fourteen days 🙂 🙂 Up until this morning I did eighteen ‘fundamental’ exercises. This morning I tried something a bit harder, a group of exercises for… Read the rest »

Who am I? And why am I here? I started this blog as part of an online platform to support my writing. But, even though I’m slowly writing my second novel, I’ve been very poor at keeping the blog alive! A few days ago I signed up for the WordPress blogging 101 course. It’s free, and so… Read the rest »

We weren’t looking for a new puppy. At least we weren’t. I wanted another dog ever since my precious Ella passed away…but that’s another story! Stopping at the pet shop was the first mistake. Pressing my nose to the glass as a new litter of Moodles was delivered was the second. Two intelligent black eyes… Read the rest »

Unfortunately, one of the worst downsides of chronic fatigue is the length of time it takes to recover from any exertion. In the last week of September I spent five days at a writing masterclass with the acclaimed Australian author Fiona McIntosh. I was the only indie writer in the group, and Fiona very much… Read the rest »

I write fiction about hopefulness and determination. About heroines who punch through extraordinary situations and obstacles, one step at a time.  Today I’m really pleased to turn my blog over to a friend of mine, Graeme Kneale. He writes fantasy and science fiction prose and biting poetry, this is his latest work. Small Steps Forward… Read the rest »

Nice has become such a strange word. Does ‘That’s nice’ mean whatever it is, is nice … or something else entirely? Grumpy cat doesn’t need much interpretation! I point at yummo chocolate, shoes and stationery (yes I am a bit weird I know 🙂 but I do have an amazing collection of notebooks and pens)… Read the rest »