How I beat writers block – Part 1 – in my garden haven

I don’t often get stuck for words or ideas, but when I do, I try and beat writers block by refilling my spring of creativity in my garden haven. I don’t like the term writer’s block. The frustrating inability to make progress on our writing is often procrastination. But for me it can also be due to fatigue.

I should be writing

I have to write blog posts for the next few weeks and finish my novella that is set in the same world as Daughter of Ravenswood. Also I must get stuck back in to the non-fiction I’m writing about dealing with chronic fatigue (I have some new material for that book after the last four weeks!) Instead of getting frustrated while staring at a blank screen, I’m taking a moment to just relax, and I know it’s exactly what I need.

Miles and I sharing the sun lounge
Miles and I sharing the sun lounge

It is a beautiful spring day, and I’m lounging on my sunbed in the garden. My husband and I worked hard to make the garden and house presentable for welcome guests from France. I haven’t written more than a scattering of words in over four weeks. I’m exhausted! It takes too much energy to think, too much energy to talk. I need an afternoon’s peace.  In my garden, birds and insects sing and chirp above the soothing sound of my waterfall.

Fun and a welcome distraction

Selfie stick edited out!

For a bit of fun, I’m also playing with my iPhone camera and selfie stick. I can’t work out how to take a photograph without the selfie stick appearing as a really obvious and ugly intrusion. The only way I can get rid of it is by cropping the stick it out after I’ve taken the photo. My brain isn’t working well enough to construct meaningful sentences, I haven’t successfully beat writers block yet, but the selfies are a welcome distraction.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to take selfies with a selfie stick that look good? Preferably pics that aren’t marred with the stick reaching out of the picture.

beat writers block
Selfie stick is an unattractive addition!

Billy is sitting alongside me panting a little. It’s only 25 today, but still quite warm in the garden. Miles has found a comfy spot in the shade next to the pond.

beat writers blockMy crab-apple tree is in full bloom and surrounded by a flurry of bees. It’s a beautiful site to behold. As I lie here on the sun lounge, all I can see is  bright blue sky and the tops of my trees. The ash directly above me. The palm trees – planted around the pool thirty years ago and still gracing the garden now. The crab-apple, and of course the huge elder tree which shades so much of the garden.

Let the ideas and words flow

Sitting here, with the sun on my arms and the waterfall gurgling, I am not thinking about how to beat writers block. I think about my duck-weed covered pond. I’ve lifted out masses of the stuff – but there still seems to be heaps to go. At least the water is clear! I can’t see any tadpoles yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

The ground-covers haven’t completely covered the mulch yet. It’s my ambition to have the entire garden covered with green plants – except for the square paving stones to my lounge and a narrow pathway from the paving to the swing. The garden hasn’t made it to that stage yet but it can’t be far away 🙂

With the pressure off, ideas begin to bubble in my brain. Three blog posts and a new section for the non-fiction book. Nothing yet on how to progress the novella, but I’m sure my subconscious is working on it 🙂

My advice when trying to beat writers block, is to relax and let your brain do it’s thing. Get out into nature if you can. Do something creative, but completely different – in summer I enjoy my garden, in winter I make cards and decoupage to refill my spring of creativity.

I love hearing from you. Please send me tips on how to get a great selfie pic without the selfie stick showing!

Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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