Romance Plus a Serial Killer! Lethal in Love Review

Lethal in Love: The Complete BookLethal in Love: The Complete Book by Michelle Somers
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Lethal in Love is an unusual story. It’s a twist of two genres, a full bodied love story and a suspenseful psychological thriller. Normally a thriller might have a secondary romantic plot, or a romance book might have an element of suspense or crime-not so with this clever novel!

Jayda is the the female lead, a detective trying to track down a serial killer. Seth is a handsome reporter chasing a scoop which he hopes will lead to promotion. There are a number of well drawn secondary characters, but it is Jayda and Seth who really come to life.

I love the early descriptions of Seth in particular, for example we learn–amongst many other things–that he has fathomless eyes and the scent of a forest meadow.

Both Jayda and Seth are running from disappointments and betrayals that have shaped how they react to people and situations. The development of their partnership, and their personal growth as they realise they don’t always need to shut people out, is the cornerstone of the story. The serial killer and the police efforts to find him provide an edge and urgency that drive the story along.

Michelle Somers writes very well.

Her dialogue is realistic and the settings are sketched with just enough detail to support the story. It’s a long book, but it’s fast paced and well structured. I really enjoyed it and I stayed up well past my bedtime several nights in a row to find out who the serial killer is… and of course to find out what happens with Jayda and Seth.

I suspect some readers of the thriller genre could be a little annoyed with the love story cleverly entwined through the action, but I’m also sure romance readers will very much enjoy both aspects of this novel.



You can find Michelle Somers talking about her inspiration for Lethal in Love and what’s coming next on her web page.


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