My Garden Haven (the garden revive project part 1)

clean poolWhen we bought our house 15 years ago now, we bought a garden, that happened to have a lovely open plan house placed on it 😀 My garden has always been my haven.

It had a gorgeous pool in the back garden.

I didn’t particularly want a pool as I can’t swim, and I’d seen how much work pools are to keep clean and beautiful. But my husband liked the pool, and I have to admit, it really was a lovely place to sit and read.

greenpoolUnfortunately, over time, and with several years of drought that caused minor cracks around the pool, it didn’t look as good. After a few years of neglect, it looked down right sad.

How could I get my garden haven back?

I thought about:

  • renovating the pool,
  • turning it into a wildlife swimming pond,
  • filling it in and replacing it with another attractive but much more shallow garden feature.

When I started suffering from debilitating pain and chronic fatigue, the garden suddenly became even more important to me. Any work I could do in the future would be done from home. Gardening had been a weekly pleasure for me once, a retreat from corporate politics, a haven in its making as well as in its enjoyment. My new project was turning my old garden into something I could thrive in, and enjoy working in as well.

imageThe pool had to go

Miles arrived, my adorable but water hating Moodle.

In the same week, my old girl Billy and my new baby Miles, both fell in the pool. In that week I made my mind up.  The deep pool had to go. But the last thing I wanted was an area of boring lawn for the back garden. So I started searching for a viable alternative in earnest!

I googled, I got quotes, I tossed around ideas about natural swimming pools, natural water features to attract birds, butterflies and frogs. I leafed through glossy photographs of pergolas and rotundas. Garden rooms with flimsy curtains and settings that would not have looked out of place in a lounge room. I kept coming back to another water feature, but this time a water feature primarily for wildlife.

poolfillinginMonths of delay

After months of delay – waiting for council approval and, getting it…waiting for parks approval, not getting it. We finally started work on the garden revive project in the middle of winter. The pool was eventually filled in – it took days longer than was quoted – but it became a patch of dirt that would soon turn to mud.

amessinthegardenAt least now I could start the fun part of the project 🙂  My old fishpond would be repaired and revived.  A new water feature would be installed – the focus on a native wildlife feature to attract birds, butterflies and frogs. The dead maples removed and replaced with new advanced trees.

By the time spring comes around, I’m crossing my fingers behind my back as I type, I should have a lovely garden to sit and write in again.

My garden is my haven. Do you have a place that is important to you? That feeds your soul?


Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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