My Guilty Reading Secret

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No, I’m not reading erotica in the closet…

But following on from my last post about reading reviews, and how no one book can attract all readers, the time has come that I feel I must admit my guilty reading secret.

I love fantasy … but not the sub-genre that started it all!

What is there not to like about epic fantasy I hear you ask.

I’m a reader of fantasy … who doesn’t particularly (with one or two notable exceptions) like epic or high fantasy. I’m a lover of urban fantasy, steam-punk and YA Dystopian. Anything with ghosts, magic, and horror (as long as it’s not too violent). Though to be honest, I’m a bit over vampires and werewolves.

This came to me in the last couple of months while I’ve been reviewing books in a group of fantasy writers.

Maybe I’ve started too many well known epic fantasy series, that I haven’t been able to finish!

I like the immediacy of first person writing, especially when it’s written in deep point of view so I’m journeying right inside her head, with the heroine on her roller-coaster adventure. I enjoy the edginess of concise prose and snappy dialogue. Clever suspense and intrigue will keep me reading into the wee hours of the morning. Most importantly I like stories that grip me into their worlds with precise word painting, and hold me there for long after I’ve finished reading.

If anyone can recommend epic fantasy reads that meet all of these requirements please let me know. There’s no such thing as a TBR pile too high 😀

What is it about epic fantasy I don’t find attractive?

  • distant narration,
  • telling me rather than showing me the story,
  • too many elves, goblins and dwarfs,
  • evil antagonists who are just evil for the sake of it,
  • too much time spent traveling,
  • dialogue that sounds more like monologue,
  • unpronounceable names.

What are your pet peeves? What are your favorite fantasy reads? I love reading your comments so please leave one 🙂

I’m really looking forward to hearing your epic fantasy suggestions that will change my mind 🙂



Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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