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I often try to explain to other writers how Scrivener helps me be a better writer, but honestly it’s hard to know where to start. I’m not getting anything for recommending Scrivener. But I loved using it from the first moment I downloaded it, and I want to share how brilliant it is! Scrivener has… Read the rest »

Sometimes I think the dilemma of whether or not to read reviews, is as all-consuming as the dilemma a despondent Hamlet pondered when he uttered the immortal words, “To be or not to be…” I apologise to fans of Shakespeare for modifying the well-known line! Different (and conflicting) Advice for Writers The subject of reviews,… Read the rest »

I ordered this lovely bookmark for me. I’ve always loved stationary, and I don’t mind admitting a cup of earl grey tea and an attractive bookmark always seems to make reading an even more enjoyable experience! I got it from Lisa Rossiter, a designer on Etsy, (you can find her here PnlJewelry Designs) I like this lovely… Read the rest »

I’m not a particularly good poet … but I’ve always had a soft spot for this poem that I wrote a few years ago. Meagan and her dragon Aymon (from my Daughter of Ravenswood series) hadn’t climbed from my imagination yet. But I’m pretty sure Aymon came from the same well of inspiration as this… Read the rest »

I’ve been a shocking blogger. Nothing for one month! My excuse is that I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking. I’ve published Path Unchosen on the kindle, prepared for it’s publication in print-on-demand, and tried to hang onto a tenuous book-two-zone for a few creative writing moments 🙂 Path Unchosen, the first book in… Read the rest »

Well the challenge was to write a poem about, or inspired by, the colour yellow. Harder than one might think! But I added an extra challenge for myself – mostly I write wordy, rambling poems, heavier on description than emotion. This time I aimed to write something short and pithy but meaningful. A sunshine poem… Read the rest »

Walk with me in the moonlight crunching along gravel paths skipping over clumps of moss past fallen angels and crumbling Madonnas unfurl your wings and stretch out your claws leap from broken stones to crumbling mausoleums breathe deeply the damp air of decay and neglect. Lift up your wings and soar over forgotten tombs around… Read the rest »

Looking quietly in Valencia for a perfect calming sphere peace is shattered with a smack in the head from a misshapen myopic mandarin shouting ‘look at me! I’m here!’Waking slowly and wobbling on unsteady legs to the pungent odours of tikka masala in a working mans bar deep underground where a clear amber liquid is… Read the rest »

Walking the dogs with a glorious blue sky overhead, crisp leaves underfoot and cheerful lorikeets going about their noisy business – who would want to be anywhere but Melbourne in autumn. Fires are already burning from suburban homes adding smoky intensity to the heady odours of green grass and autumn leaves. We are heading to… Read the rest »