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Looking quietly in Valencia for a perfect calming sphere peace is shattered with a smack in the head from a misshapen myopic mandarin shouting ‘look at me! I’m here!’Waking slowly and wobbling on unsteady legs to the pungent odours of tikka masala in a working mans bar deep underground where a clear amber liquid is… Read the rest »

Walking the dogs with a glorious blue sky overhead, crisp leaves underfoot and cheerful lorikeets going about their noisy business – who would want to be anywhere but Melbourne in autumn. Fires are already burning from suburban homes adding smoky intensity to the heady odours of green grass and autumn leaves. We are heading to… Read the rest »

A silly little poem written in jest, but i rather like it: So often bare and bereft, corners pose awkward questions, if left empty to gather dust. They are awkward to clean, but shall i let them get dirty, until cobwebs can be seen. Or fill them all in, with furniture and art, a soft… Read the rest »

Darkness surrounds meenvelopes mea strange warmthspreads through meas if a quiltfrom grandmothers bedhad been wrapped around meexcept the heatsears my skin Desperately my fingerstear at the fabricgiant quillspush their way outscratching my handsripping atmy eyes and earsbound in the shredded fabricI twist and contort The skull mocks and snickersblood oozes and bubblesas a zombie takes… Read the rest »

I wrote this in about 5 minutes one evening. A dear friend, who I had been chatting with just about every evening, announced that she would be cutting her time online back; for all sorts of reasons, none of which I could change. We were both crying, having become somewhat co-dependent it was a wrench… Read the rest »

It isn’t a massive crowd,but big enough.Sitting at what was the edge,in the shade,hands stepped on.A bicycle rode over my foot,and a lady with a pram,but at least she said ‘watch your hand’. Perhaps i should stand?Better to stay small,so i hug my knees, and look at the grass.It’s fresh and long,and very green.Smells like… Read the rest »