Puppy Love

We weren’t looking for a new puppy. At least we weren’t. I wanted another dog ever since my precious Ella passed away…but that’s another story!

Stopping at the pet shop was the first mistake. Pressing my nose to the glass as a new litter of Moodles was delivered was the second. Two intelligent black eyes in a little Ewok face stared back at me. image Of course it was love at first sight!

Husband said no, we aren’t looking for a dog.

I sulked until he agreed I could have the little Ewok if he was still there after the weekend. Monday arrived, then Tuesday. Reasons to visit the shopping centre were put off. Finally on Thursday, with the cupboards bare, we had to get some shopping done.

I raced to the pet shop. Yes! My little fur baby was still in the glass cage. Husband dithered. I called him a dirty-no-good-promise-go-backer-onera. My insults fell on deaf ears. But my genuine disappointment must have reached something in his heart, because we left the mall with a trolly full of groceries and a cardboard box full of whimpering fluffy dog.

_DSC3524_pp.jpgAt the car, my husband ripped open the box, placed the puppy on my lap and promptly named him Miles.

imageSome things are meant to be.

Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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