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Fantasy readers know that a lich is an undead sorcerer. He or she probably become undead as they tried to become immortal. Their soul is stored in a phylactery or soul jar, and immortality is guaranteed as long as the container remains safe. Or is it? The word lich has its roots in an old English word lic which meant corpse.… Read the rest »

Imps are one of those mythical creatures we all have an image in our heads for. In my Daughter of Ravenswood series, Lyken is my own creation – but he is rooted in all of the imagined imps that have preceded him. I don’t have a drawing of him and I wish I did! I can… Read the rest »

With its lacy leaves and small white flowers this plant doesn’t look nasty, but hemlock is a seriously poisonous plant. Every part of it – the leaves, flowers, bark, roots – all carry dangerous alkaloids that kill in fairly small quantities. Just about everyone knows the story of Socrates and how he was executed with a dose of hemlock back… Read the rest »

To be a little more accurate, G is for gemstone but rubies are gemstones so I figure I can talk about rubies for the G in the A-Z challenge 🙂 Sometimes research for a book uncovers interesting information. I’ve always loved Rubies, but I didn’t know much about them. I could’ve just made stuff up… But instead… Read the rest »

An evocation is an event in which a necromancer calls or summons a spirit (it is also used in many belief systems and mythologies for any act in which spirits, demons, gods or any other supernatural agents are called.) I know from my readers that Evie is a favorite character in the Daughter of Ravenswood… Read the rest »

D is for Dragons and I could use a number of Aymon scenes (my dragon in the Daughter of Ravenswood Series – he’s the size of a large horse, silvery grey in colour and with a gentle face) … but in this post I am just revisiting my favorite well known dragon quotes 🙂  … Read the rest »

Candles are one of the most effective tools for meditation and rituals. For centuries, people have burned candles of different colors to attract emotions, karma, even wealth. Often people who are first starting to learn meditation are encouraged to burn a simple candle to help focus. I’ve never been very successful at meditating myself, with or without… Read the rest »

Though I’m sure flying one would be great fun 🙂 A traditional witch’s broom has a handle of ash (usually associated with healing and enchantment), bristles of birch (symbolising renewal and purification); and the twigs are tied onto the handle with thin strips of willow (for the enhancement of psychic abilities). Witches and brooms have been associated together for centuries.… Read the rest »