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The Midnight Land: Part One: The Flight by E.P. Clark My rating: 3 of 5 stars The Midnight Land by EP Clark is a long, slow paced book. It follows the physical and emotional journey of Slava in a Russian inspired setting which is beautifully rendered by the author. In summary, I found the premise… Read the rest »

Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising by Elizabeth Johnson My rating: 3 of 5 stars Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising is the second book in this series about Sebastian. A centuries-old vampire who abstains from killing humans. He is desperately in love with Hannah, a human with extraordinary powers. But after loving him passionately, she has… Read the rest »

As promised … here is the first, of what I hope will be a number, of short reviews of books I think my readers will find interesting. The first book review is Bridgefinders by Joshua C. Cook. Like me, Joshua is fairly new to the writer scene, but he already has a few books out.… Read the rest »

Yes it really is quite easy, and quick, to write a great book review for your favorite authors! I always love to hear from people who have enjoyed my books. But when I ask if they’ve left a review, a surprising number shudder, or shake their heads. It’s all too daunting, too time-consuming, and does… Read the rest »

I haven’t been reading a lot lately as I’ve had my head barely buried in my own writing. I met the lovely Chele Cooke through the Alliance of Independent Authors and discovered that we would both be publishing our debut novels at around the same time. I promised to read and review Chele’s novel ‘Dead… Read the rest »