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I’m not a collector. How can collecting be good for you? I hate dusting, and if I can’t find room for something it gets given or thrown away. With fatigue and pain taking up hours of my time, it takes too much energy to keep the house tidy. An ornament of any size has to… Read the rest »

D is for Dragons and I could use a number of Aymon scenes (my dragon in the Daughter of Ravenswood Series – he’s the size of a large horse, silvery grey in colour and with a gentle face) … but in this post I am just revisiting my favorite well known dragon quotes 🙂  … Read the rest »

I’m not a particularly good poet … but I’ve always had a soft spot for this poem that I wrote a few years ago. Meagan and her dragon Aymon (from my Daughter of Ravenswood series) hadn’t climbed from my imagination yet. But I’m pretty sure Aymon came from the same well of inspiration as this… Read the rest »

Firstly his all important name. Even tiny dragons are proud creatures and won’t succumb to a fluffy or boring name. I asked my friends and they told me their dragons were called Smokie, Felix, Diedre, Drago, Smaug, Ilkra, Venus, Trevor, Indly and Sebastian. A fabulous collection but I was still stumped. I asked what their… Read the rest »

Walk with me in the moonlight crunching along gravel paths skipping over clumps of moss past fallen angels and crumbling Madonnas unfurl your wings and stretch out your claws leap from broken stones to crumbling mausoleums breathe deeply the damp air of decay and neglect. Lift up your wings and soar over forgotten tombs around… Read the rest »