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Fatigue and Pacing. I’ve recently come to realise that I’m one of those annoying people that freely gives advice .. but I don’t always apply it to myself 😛 I’m in the final stages of editing my self help book about living with fatigue; and writing it has highlighted that while I’ve learnt lots of tips… Read the rest »

Trusting my subconscious to beat writers block In my last post How I beat writers block – in my garden haven. I talked about how I don’t often get stuck for words or ideas, but when I do, I try and beat writers block by refilling my spring of creativity in my garden haven. With… Read the rest »

I often try to explain to other writers how Scrivener helps me be a better writer, but honestly it’s hard to know where to start. I’m not getting anything for recommending Scrivener. But I loved using it from the first moment I downloaded it, and I want to share how brilliant it is! Scrivener has… Read the rest »

Or do they? Thanks to many years of reading fantasy fiction, I’ve always thought that witches need a special knife in their toolkit, an Athame – a magical blade for channeling and directing psychic energy. But one of the interesting things I learned while researching, is that the word itself only came to be in common… Read the rest »

I’m delighted today, to invite Satima Flavell to guest post on my blog. Satima writes fantasy like me, but her muse leads her to high fantasy. A genre full of magical creatures and settings in a totally made up world. Let’s hear what inspires Satima! Many thanks to Kim for inviting me to write a… Read the rest »