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An evocation is an event in which a necromancer calls or summons a spirit (it is also used in many belief systems and mythologies for any act in which spirits, demons, gods or any other supernatural agents are called.) I know from my readers that Evie is a favorite character in the Daughter of Ravenswood… Read the rest »

Candles are one of the most effective tools for meditation and rituals. For centuries, people have burned candles of different colors to attract emotions, karma, even wealth. Often people who are first starting to learn meditation are encouraged to burn a simple candle to help focus. I’ve never been very successful at meditating myself, with or without… Read the rest »

Though I’m sure flying one would be great fun 🙂 A traditional witch’s broom has a handle of ash (usually associated with healing and enchantment), bristles of birch (symbolising renewal and purification); and the twigs are tied onto the handle with thin strips of willow (for the enhancement of psychic abilities). Witches and brooms have been associated together for centuries.… Read the rest »

When we bought our house 15 years ago now, we bought a garden, that happened to have a lovely open plan house placed on it 😀 My garden has always been my haven. It had a gorgeous pool in the back garden. I didn’t particularly want a pool as I can’t swim, and I’d seen how… Read the rest »

When I decided to Indie publish I can’t pinpoint exactly when I decided to go the indie route. But it was before I finished the first draft of my first novel, Path Unchosen. I did briefly consider trying the traditional route. I researched agents and publishers, read widely, studied publishing trends. Why I decided to Indie publish In… Read the rest »

When I’m looking for something new to read, I often seem to gravitate to anything paranormal; stories with ghosts, or at least something supernatural, in them. This post could be subtitled “Do you really need a ghost in every story you write?” And the answer is, of course, the same one I give when asked if… Read the rest »

Thank you so much for visiting 🙂 Welcome to my revitalised blog! With book 2 launched and a novella on the way it really IS time to update the old website. So here we are 🙂 thanks to Laird Sapir at Memphis McKay, I have a brand spanking new website! To launch my latest book, Truth… Read the rest »

My husband is quite addicted to cycling. It’s possibly a healthy obsession (apart from the cost and recovery time from accidents 😀 ) It certainly keeps him away from home for most of the weekend. He cycles, stops for a coffee and a chat, and cycles some more. The bike is well travelled and often photographed… Read the rest »

I had no idea this old craft would lead to so much paper, glue, and various bits and pieces (called embellishments in the trade) covering my dining table. One day at Chadstone Shopping Centre I noticed a new shop, a Kaisercraft Concept Store. They had some cute items to build and decorate, and racks and racks… Read the rest »