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How many of us watched Tinker bell almost die and clapped furiously along with the children in the movie in the wonderful story Peter Pan? I did! Somewhere along the journey to adulthood many of us lose the ability to just believe. But if we are very lucky, we find it again. This is a visitor’s picture (CC… Read the rest »

I write fiction about hopefulness and determination. About heroines who punch through extraordinary situations and obstacles, one step at a time.  Today I’m really pleased to turn my blog over to a friend of mine, Graeme Kneale. He writes fantasy and science fiction prose and biting poetry, this is his latest work. Small Steps Forward… Read the rest »

Walk with me in the moonlight crunching along gravel paths skipping over clumps of moss past fallen angels and crumbling Madonnas unfurl your wings and stretch out your claws leap from broken stones to crumbling mausoleums breathe deeply the damp air of decay and neglect. Lift up your wings and soar over forgotten tombs around… Read the rest »