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How many writers actually enjoy writing their back cover blurb? It’s a handful of carefully plucked words meant to generate excitement to buy our book. That’s the intent at least. It may not be scientific, but with a quick poll among my writer friends I found around 95% absolutely dread it! We writers may not… Read the rest »

Book Covers are so Important Everyone I meet tells me they often choose books by new authors, by their book covers first, then the blurb on the back page, then the first few paragraphs or pages. I know it’s true because this is the way I select new authors, both on Kindle and in bookshops.… Read the rest »

Writing the first draft of a full-length novel is exhausting and exhilarating, full of hope, and full of fear. Luckily for me, I’ve worked out how to stay sane while editing a full length novel – and yes it does involve chocolate šŸ˜€ I’ve completed and published two full-length novels. I have a novella, several… Read the rest »

Wormwood has been used for healing and in magical spells for centuries. Earliest references to it are in ancient Egyptian medical tracts that explain how to use an infusion of wormwood to expel bodily worms! Wormwood is most famously known as the bitter herb used to flavor the now banned liqueur absinthe (the favorite of… Read the rest »

I’ve had a lot of really positive feedback about my covers,Ā especially my first book Path Unchosen. The solitary raven perched on a gravest one is such a strong symbol of otherworldliness. A suggestion of a connection with live after death.   I’ve always liked birds.Ā The ravens at the Tower of London with their intense stares… Read the rest »

Regular readers will know that I have some experience with feeling, seeing, or sensing things that can’t be explained easily. Or at least, areĀ easily explained away, but with questions tappingĀ at the edges of our understanding of theĀ physical world. I’ve sensed curious ghosts, sad ghosts and one rather angry ghostā€¦but IĀ don’t thinkĀ I’veĀ experienced a poltergeist. Not that… Read the rest »

I remember hugging the huge oak tree at the bottom of a garden when I was a child, and feeling a connection I couldn’t explain. Oak forests once covered much of northern Europe. Few old-growth forests remain now, and people from all walks of life fight vigorously to defend the tracts that still survive. Folklore… Read the rest »

To be a little more accurate, GĀ isĀ for gemstone but rubies are gemstones so I figure I can talk about rubies for the G in the A-Z challenge šŸ™‚ Sometimes research for a book uncovers interesting information. I’ve always loved Rubies, but I didn’t know much about them. I could’ve just made stuff upā€¦ But instead… Read the rest »