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D is for Dragons and I could use a number of Aymon scenes (my dragon in the Daughter of Ravenswood Series – he’s the size of a large horse, silvery grey in colour and with a gentle face) … but in this post I am just revisiting my favorite well known dragon quotes 🙂  … Read the rest »

Fotokvadrat/ Is necomamcy evil? As soon as I started writing Path Unchosen, I knew my heroine Meagan would be a necromancer. But I didn’t like how necromancy is usually portrayed in myth and fiction. This picture summed it up for me…and it just didn’t feel right. But did I really know what a necromancer is? What… Read the rest »

I’m happy dancing and beaming … My debut novel Path Unchosen has won a bronze in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards!! Reader feedback is the best gift, but winning a prestigous award comes a very close second 🙂 It couldn’t have come at a better time as I launch into the final edits for… Read the rest »

Path Unchosen is the title of my novel. It’s the story of an apprentice necromancer who discovers that someone is deliberately raising zombies. She risks her life, and her soul, to stop them before any more innocent people die. This book is the first in a somewhat darkish urban fantasy series I’ve called Daughter of… Read the rest »

I’m not sure why I feel so Welsh. Though I do. I always have. I grew up in Birmingham in the UK. But my family hails from Wales (and before that Ireland) and we spent every holiday in our caravan in a Welsh camping ground. Mostly we stayed at a small village near Rhyl. Perhaps… Read the rest »

Firstly his all important name. Even tiny dragons are proud creatures and won’t succumb to a fluffy or boring name. I asked my friends and they told me their dragons were called Smokie, Felix, Diedre, Drago, Smaug, Ilkra, Venus, Trevor, Indly and Sebastian. A fabulous collection but I was still stumped. I asked what their… Read the rest »

I know some people are born to write, but I am not one of them! The writing bug fluttered into my life when illness laid me low. I was desperate to get back to work full-time and taught myself to write with my left hand – it was legible (sort of) but so slow. When… Read the rest »