Where do ideas come from?

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Where do ideas come from?

I’m often asked where I get my ideas from. Usually in the form of a quizzical gaze¬†and a question such as: did you get all of that stuff out of your head?

The answer is yes, and no. My head is often bursting with ideas, but often half formed and vaguely understood ones. This post introduces a short series on some of the interesting things I Googled, researched, and pinned while writing, and rewriting the books in the Daughter of Ravenswood series. I spent time (probably longer than I should have) with Ravens, necromancy, oak trees, the tools of a witches trade and the making of whiskey. And quite a few other odd things. Google and Pinterest can be very entertaining as well as informative!

New Worlds, Old Worlds, the setting for my Daughter of Ravenswood Series

When I first started writing¬†the Daughter of¬†Ravenswood series, I didn’t know¬†if it would be set in a totally made up world, or a future version of our own world, or a combination of both. So many options … and they all¬†sounded intriguing, all¬†provided significant writing challenges.

My thought process went something like this – I’m not quite enough of¬†a nerd to enjoy creating a whole new world, but if¬†I stuck to my own experience and knowledge, I’d have a very boring book. Which is not what any writer is aiming for ūüėÄ Using this world and it’s myths and legends, with which readers are so familiar,¬†would require some research. But creating a whole new world, with¬†all of the discipline and attention to detail required, would require a personality transplant!

After a few half-hearted attempts to build a new world for my story, I decided to stick with our own¬†well known world, but after such a catastrophe it was dramatically changed from today. The¬†setting is vaguely Welsh, certainly northern hemisphere. The¬†impacts of a¬†deadly plague, a few zombies and climate change¬†(to name a few!) have significantly affected the way people live. But the reader doesn’t need to know all of this detail,¬†just¬†pieces that are relevant to the story. You can read why the setting is vaguely Welsh here.

One of my key ideas was that magic would be a reality in this world. Magic and paganism have come to the fore and filled a gap left by the loss of old religions, centralised government and technology. For our heroine, the most important thing is that while witches are relatively commonplace. Witches who can raise the dead, necromancers like herself, are not.

Ghosts feature strongly in this series

I have my own experiences with ghosts, which I will share in other posts. I love reading and writing about paranormal encounters of all kinds.

Like most people¬†I can get lost in Google search and lose hours at a time in Pinterest. It’s best not to mention what happens when I get caught up in an interesting book of the paper variety (whoever invented toasted¬†sandwiches¬†and chips for dinner deserves a big kiss).

If you’ve read my books, even if you haven’t, ask any questions you like and I’ll answer them here. If you write,¬†tell me what you’ve done for world building. I love to hear from readers and writes alike! I’m easy to get hold of, you can contact me via Facebook, twitter, and here!

I’m looking forward to writing this short series and to hearing from you. ūüôā


Kim Cleary, Author

Kim Cleary

Kim writes paranormal stories with a intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance. She loves all animals, especially her dogs; and thrives on coffee and chocolate while writing and researching.

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